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June 28, 2013: Fish-Sync 0.6 released
This new release of Fish-Sync, version 0.6, is a bug-fix release. There were a few problems we faced in the past we are happy to have cleared up. Specicially, FishSync will now work with systems which run OpenSSH on non-standard ports. Fish-Sync will also work with remote hosts where we do not have a OpenSSH security key.

Improvements have been made to the code to allow us to compile Fish-Sync on FreeBSD without any additional patches and Fish-Sync should now work on the MINIX operating system with minor adjustments to the Makefile.

June 26, 2013: Fish-Sync 0.5 released
The Fish-Sync project is happy to announce the release of Fish-Sync 0.5. This new release comes with several important improvements and bug fixes. As mentioned the other day Fish-Sync has been ported to FreeBSD and the program can be compiled and run on the FreeBSD operating system as well as most Linux distributions. We have also managed to remove some dependencies which should make Fish-sync both more reliable and easier to port to new platforms.

A number of bugs have been fixed, including making sure we try to find the proper location of an external program, avoiding possible memory segfaults/leaks and the OpenSSH FUSE utility is no longer required. In addition, Fish-Sync will now try to make sure a directory exists before we sync it, this avoids rsync errors which might have prevented files from transfering. Please see the README file and change log for complete details.

June 24, 2013: Minor update
It's been about a year since our last update, did you miss us? Fish-Sync has been ported to the FreeBSD operating system and we hope to see the utility appear in the FreeBSD ports/packages collection in the near future. During the porting process a few bugs were uncovered which are working on. These will be fixed in the upcoming 0.5 release we hope to share with you this summer. We will also be smoothing out a few details and, hopefully, reducing the number of dependencies so that Fish-Sync can be easily ported to additional operating systems.

June 25, 2012: Fish-Sync 0.4 released
The new release of Fish-Sync, version 0.4, is mostly to fix minor bugs. Specially Fish-Sync now does a better job of making sure it quickly (and thoroughly) cleans up zombie processes. The daemon also double-checks to make sure any connections to remote file systems are cleanly closed.

A small, but important, change is that the daemon's executable has been changed from "fish" to "fish-sync" and the GUI's name has been changed from "fish-gui" to "fish-sync-gui". This is to prevent conflicts with the Friendly Interactive SHell, which used the name "fish" first.

May 29, 2012: Fish 0.3 released
Version 0.3 of Fish has been released. This new version contains three key improvements and some minor bug fixes.

The first new feature is a new configuration option which tells the Fish daemon to only run once, attempting to sync all folders, and then exit. The default behaviour is to keep all folders/hosts up to date at regular intervals. Setting up Fish for "single run" mode can be done using the program's configuration file or the graphical interface, please see the documentation page for more details.

The graphical interface no longer hangs when attempting to contact a remote machine that is off-line. A status message appears at the bottom of the window letting the user know a connection attempt is in progress.

Some adjustment have been made to the Makefile is make sure specifying the "clean" target really does get things clean.

May 21, 2012: Fish 0.2 released
Version 0.2 of Fish has been released. The new version includes a number of new features, including the ability to synchronize specific folders with specific hosts, logging, dependency resolution through the Makefile, progress indicators in the graphical interface and better self-clean-up.

This release also includes a number of bug fixes and improved compatibility. Fish can now be built using either the GNU Compiler Collection or the Clang C++ compiler and the documentation has been updated.

Please see the change log and the manual for more details.

May 5, 2012: Initial release
The Fish sync program has its first release.